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Broken Things Single



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Album Title:
Broken Things

Erik Grant Bennett

Erik Grant Bennett & ECHO (Bennett/Echols, Copyright 2024)

Release Date:
May 21, 2024



Echo, born Caroline Echols, is a rising star with a sound all her own. Having sung since as long as she can remember, Echo says her family always knows when she is home because she can be heard singing all throughout the house.

She started singing in her elementary school chorus as an extracurricular activity. Then when she started middle school, she chose middle school chorus as one of her classes. Her first solo was This is Me from The Greatest Showman.

Once she got to high school, she was selected for the Women’s Advanced Ensemble. She recalls that hearing the Ensemble for the first time was so beautiful it made her cry. She was later selected as a member of the Women’s Trio her sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. The trio competed against other high school trios and won the State competition two years. Echo also had solo performances throughout high school, highlighted by the spring Variety Show each year, a sold-out concert featuring all of the best high school talent. Her favorite solo performance was Taylor Swift’s Back to December.


New Album: Broken Things


What They Say

"The track features some strong vocal work and a really great hook that certainly drew me in with its passionate, emotional performance."

- TheIndyReview

"Wow! Beautiful voice! Amazing when you keep going up - incredible vocal range, and love the energy."

- GlacerFM

"Seamlessly merges captivating beats with lyrical prowess."

- Lyrical Odyssey

"A marvelous musical masterpiece."

- Free99


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