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Album: Broken Things

“Broken Things,” the debut EP from new artist ECHO, provides a glimpse into the emotions and experiences of the artist as she navigates a tough freshman year at college. Audiences get a rare peek inside a virtual diary, full of entries depicting such relatable themes as coming of age, homesickness, social anxiety, heartbreak, and ultimately the realization that all things end, but in doing so they give way to new things…better things.

Single: Burn it Down

The songs and production are unique enough to stand alone, yet current and catchy enough to play among all of today’s most prominent artists. Combining the raw power of artists like Kelly Clarkson, Sia, or Pink with the delicate sensibilities and storytelling associated with artists like Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks, or Christina Perri, the songs from ECHO will take you on an unforgettable ride.

Real and organic instrumentation and honest performances are staples of the music. Lyrically these songs remind us that no matter how shiny we present ourselves on the outside, there are parts of us that remain lost – that although we push through our hardships, inside we are always busy fixing “Broken Things.”

Honey Bee Entertainment

Honey Bee has built and maintained a standard of excellence. In an effort to ensure the continuance and vitality of great musical artists into the future, Honey Bee also originated Buford Academy of Music, a “training ground” for young singers, instrumentalists, and performers.


What They Say

"The track features some strong vocal work and a really great hook that certainly drew me in with its passionate, emotional performance."

- TheIndyReview

"Wow! Beautiful voice! Amazing when you keep going up - incredible vocal range, and love the energy."

- GlacerFM

"Seamlessly merges captivating beats with lyrical prowess."

- Lyrical Odyssey

"A marvelous musical masterpiece."

- Free99


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